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"I feel as though I am being heard, as a person as well as a client." - A Patient

Jonathan is an amazing patient advocate. He takes on cases that most other doctors will not touch. When my long time clinic quit accepting L & I patients I was several years into my claim. All of the other doctors that I tried to transfer to wouldn't touch a claim that was over a year old. Thank goodness my neighbor told me about Jonathan. He took my case and has been with me ever since.

An L&I Patient

As a person in my 50's, I have never had a doctor so willing to listen to me, actually hear my issues, and do whatever it takes to help make me feel confident he will assist me in getting my issues resolved. I hate going to the doctor in general and have put off many things most of my life. With [PA] Clemens, I feel those worries go away and feel hopeful about getting things resolved.

Another L&I Patient

[PA] Clemens took the time for my care and was very patient to my response. I have a TBI and didn’t feel pressure at all. Felt in good hands.

Yet Another Injured Worker

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